I Hate His Old Friends With Benefits

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November 15, 2016
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Author: Issy (21), female, USA, is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend (26) for 2 years.

Number of Isabelle’s sexual partners:

Number of her boyfriend’s sexual partners:

How long have you suffered from retroactive jealousy? 
For about a year and a half, since we became serious

How much time a day do you spend thinking about your partner’s past? 
Sometimes none at all, then some days its constant.

How did you find out about your partner’s past? 
Through casual conversation the past few years I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of his past love/sex life and his intimate friendships with many women.

Have you talked to them about your retroactive jealousy and if so what happens? 
I have. He used to care a lot more but I think he’s mostly sick of it now! Which is totally understandable….

Tell us what exactly you’re jealous about in their past? 
I am mostly jealous not of his ex girlfriends (he has only dated a couple other girls) but his female best friends and old friends with benefits. I am jealous that he has been so close with other girls and insists it was always platonic but there are a million pics of him kissing the cheeks of and grabbing the waist of these girls. It makes me feel like shit since he has never posted photos like that of us.

What bugs you the most about your boyrfriend’s past? 
His two female best friends and their extreme/weird level of closeness. Also his sexual relationships with several girls I know.

Have you ever snooped through your partner’s personal belongings off or online? 
Yes, I have looked thru his phone many many times.

Is your partner still in contact with his ex-lover(s) or does he contact them? 
No, thankfully. We do live down the street from his most recent sexual partner aside from me though.

Have you met your partner’s ex-lover(s) and if so what happened? 
Yes, his ex girlfriend is sweet and have nothing against her. I hate most of his old f*** buddies though.

If you could get one image out of your head regarding your partner’s past, what would it be? 
Him flirting with and being possesive of other girls.

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