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by Jeff Billings in Retroactive Jealousy Blog
March 7, 2017

Overcoming retroactive jealousy can be tough but it’s certainly not impossible. Quite often I get emails from people who’ve more-or-less learned how to beat retroactive jealousy but haven’t quite got there. They just need a final push, so to speak.

Below is a copy of just such an email from Mike (not his real name) in which he expresses frustration at still occasionally being cursed by the dreaded “mini-movies” of seeing his partner with another man.

He also raises some interesting questions about my book that I thought you might all benefit from while overcoming retroactive jealousy.

overcoming retroactive jealousy

A Client’s Struggles With Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy

“Hi Jeff,

I recently purchased and read your book, it’s great stuff. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to compile such topical and powerful thoughts into one accessible document. 

(Thanks Mike!)

I’ve struggled with overcoming retroactive jealousy in relationships before — with a previous partner and with my current partner.

My situation isn’t too unique. In fact, most of my emotions and thoughts are covered in your book.

Just wanted to shed some light on my state, ask a question about a specific part of the book and hopefully gain some additional advice from you on overcoming retroactive jealousy.

My situation: my girlfriend and I have been dating seriously for about eight months. We’re fantastic together and encourage positive growth for one another. 

The guy she was casually seeing before me was a close friend and remained such for awhile.

She couldn’t understand why I felt awkward and down when she hung out with him, until one day when I told her I had once slept with a different one of our mutual friends. 

Her entire perspective changed and she felt bad for pushing my feelings to the side for the sake of her friendship with her “ex”, especially at the beginning of our new relationship.

This was not my intention, but I guess I’m glad it made us more aware of taking the other’s feelings and thoughts more seriously.

(Ah, the old “I have no idea why you’re upset about me hanging out with a guy I used to have sex with” line. Annoying, but at least the fact she was completely oblivious confirms she has zero feelings for him.)

Today, we have both chosen to discontinue the friendships with the people from our past. Neither were lifelong friends of ours, they were more like nice company during a very small window of our lives.

My problem? Mainly, I play the “mental movies” of them being intimate and wonder what he thinks about it and how he and her remember it.

Does he judge her? Does he think about having sex with her in various intimate positions?

Almost certainly not, but my mind goes there. 

I can get to a healthy state when I remember that everyone has a past and that I wish nothing but the best for the people with whom I’ve had sex, but as you know, this isn’t always easy! 

I want to feel free and happy. I often do, but not as much as I’d like.

Any thoughts or specifics for me? Some days I feel really good and close to shedding this tiresome skin, but other days are tough.

My question regarding the book: Napoleon Hill’s quote speaks to the power of sex but your follow-up quote suggests lightening up. Isn’t it hard to lighten up about something so powerful, personal, and intimate? 

Aren’t we just kidding ourselves if we think sex between two people isn’t a very intimate experience or am I simply stuck in the Judeo-Christian mindset that has dominated the last 2000 years of most of the world’s history?

I’d love to hear more about your and others’ point of view on this topic.  

Lastly, is there any chance that this jealousy is a subconscious message that I should not be dating, or more specifically, not be dating this person right now?  

It sucks to think so much about one guy who never even meant that much to my girlfriend’s life.

I know, when he’s operating from an enlightened point, he wants me to be happy and would never want me to dwell on this. 

The good news: this girl loves everything about me, even this. It’s not easy for her but she is so mature with her love and obviously is very confident that I’m a great fit for her.

I’m a lucky guy and want to feel like it even more often. Please help me liberate myself! Haha.

Thank you so much,


Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: My Response

overcoming retroactive jealousy

You’re having a hard time overcoming retroactive jealousy due to the constant ruminations in your head about what your girlfriend and this guy think about their past time together. 

You write: “I wonder what he thinks about it and how he and her remember it. Does he judge her? Does he think about having sex with her in various intimate positions? Almost certainly not, but my mind goes there.”

Yes, you’re right — he’s probably not thinking about it.

But, unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the mind from thinking that he is.

In all probability, he’s moved on and is not spending his nights dreaming about your girlfriend.

However, this is one of the classic symptoms of retroactive jealousy OCD: inflating a boy or girlfriend’s sexual past to epic proportions, like they played some kind of monumental part in your partner’s (and their ex-lovers’) lives. 

The fact is they didn’t, but this feeling that your partner and her ex are still dreaming of their time together is synonymous with feeling inadequate within yourself. 

If you were truly confident that you’re providing your girlfriend with present experiences that surpass her past experiences with this “ex”, then you probably wouldn’t still be thinking of them being together.

Similarly, if you truly believed that you’re overall a better catch than this guy, then you wouldn’t care who she’s been with in the past. 

And overcoming retroactive jealousy would be that much easier.


Here’s My Retroactive Jealousy Cure For What I Think’s Happening

You haven’t been together with your girlfriend for that long a time, and these early months are ripe for feelings of insecurity and sexual jealousy in a relationship.

So, because you’re having such a great time with her, but at the same time are not 100% settled in the relationship, you fear losing her.

You’re only struggling with overcoming retroactive jealousy right now because you’ve become aware that she once had casual sex, thus making her appear “loose” and capable of doing it again.

In your mind’s eye, anyway.

Couple this with a slight lack of confidence and you begin to question your own ability to keep her.  

Is there something about this guy you don’t like? Or is he totally different to you, physically or personality-wise? Because this tends to make these feelings even worse.

It can be hard as a guy to understand why women go for certain guys, but this is because we’re not seeing things from a female perspective.

We have no right to determine who’s acceptable and who’s not. Only they had the right to be with whoever they wanted, and so we also need to learn how to just accept this without judgment

Unfortunately, there are no other real “specifics” unique to your situation that I can offer, but that’s only because it’s so universal to everyone while overcoming retroactive jealousy. 

Practically everyone who’s looking for a retroactive jealousy cure experiences the same “mental movies” over and over in their mind, due to feelings of insecurity, fear, and judgment.

Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy By Lessening The Power Of Sex

Here’s the Napoleon Hill quote from my book:

“Sexual desire is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, people develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that people freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it.” 

In the book I then go on to write:  

“So, it’s time to lighten up, stop taking sex so seriously and stop being so judgmental. Sex is really not such a big deal if you think about it rationally”.

Here’s a little checklist to remind yourself of these facts: 

  • The sex your partner had in the past most probably wasn’t the mind-blowing extravaganza envisioned in your mind. 
  • It certainly didn’t change their life. Or enlighten them in any way. 
  • It was not some kind of amazing connection with another person, but a basic, human need. 
  • They just experienced it and moved on. 
  • If they didn’t enjoy sex, they wouldn’t enjoy it with you. 
  • If they didn’t like girls/guys, they wouldn’t even be with you.

So Mike, in answer to your question “Isn’t it hard to lighten up about something so powerful, personal, and intimate?” I’d say: no.

I think the problem here is that you’re confusing Napoleon Hill’s definition of sex with your own interpretation of sex.

Napoleon Hill merely states that sexual desire is one of the most powerful of human desires — a primal want and need — but he doesn’t say anything about it being “personal” or “intimate.”

Truly understand this, and you’ll go a long way to overcoming retroactive jealousy.

Of course, when two people are in a loving relationship it can be powerful, personal and intimate, but in the context of casual sex, it’s something different.

The reason why it’s so pervasive is that it’s also just an evolutionary, basic human need, rather than an indicator of close personal intimacy.

The need for sex is hardwired into all of us, negating the notion that something “magical” has to be going on between two people in order for it to happen. 

In other words, the fact your girlfriend had casual sex with this guy in the past is more indicative of her evolutionary human need for sex, rather than wanting to be close, personal and intimate with him in particular.

Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy In Your Relationship

overcoming retroactive jealousy

Lastly, I do not think your struggle with overcoming retroactive jealousy is a subconscious message that you should not be dating your girlfriend.

It’s a subconscious message that you need to grow and let go of your egoic fears surrounding being hurt. 

I would only suggest retrospective jealousy is a sign that someone should walk away from a relationship if the partner in question is giving them a real reason to doubt their faithfulness.

But your girlfriend doesn’t appear to fall into this category. 

One way I found of calming myself down when thinking about the past and overcoming retroactive jealousy was to ask myself:

Does she still think about him now? No. Did she get on better with him than you? No. Would she rather be with him than you? No. 

Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy OCD – For Good!

Here’s what I suggest you do if you want to make overcoming retroactive jealousy that much easier:

Re-read step 5 in the book. Then make sure you stick to the daily plan as described in Bonus 4 and try to give as little mind-space to retroactive jealousy as possible. 

As soon as you find your mind drifting off into ruminations about the past, simply become aware of the thoughts in your head and then return to the present.

The state of being lost in thought is the state of being “unconscious”.

The process of noticing that you’re “unconscious” and then returning to the present moment is the state of being “conscious”.

The more you do this, the easier it will become and the less you’ll find your mind drifting off to an “unconscious” state in the first place. 

I hope this has helped you further in overcoming retroactive jealousy, Mike, and talk soon. 


— Jeff 


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All the best,



Are you struggling with getting over girlfriend’s past lovers? How long have you been plagued by these negative thoughts and emotions? Why do you think you can’t get over your girlfriend’s sexual past? Let me know in the comments section below!

  1. Susan says:

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  5. Hanna says:

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  6. Harriett says:

    How do I get over OCD when I can’t stop it makes it worse when I think about but I no I shouldnt

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