She went from beautiful Catholic angel to p***star…

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May 23, 2016
Retroactive Jealousy

Author: Sasha (45), male, speaks about his retroactive jealousy experience with his Catholic Brazilian girlfriend (33).

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This is my story: 

Hi all. I am going through much of the same here, however my girlfriend is Brazillian. She is 33 and I am a bit older.

She only had sex with 4 boyfriends. Her first boyfriend was at age 19. She dated again for 7 years living 1000 kilometers apart but they could not make it work. Anyway she only dated 2 others for 4 months before meeting me on an online game.

We talked a lot and decided to meet so I went to Brazil. Our first meeting was with her mom and also our next dates were with some member of the family as a double date. Actual this is normal there! No problem I loved it. I grew up this way (Very Catholic) being Italian American.

So when we finally were alone and started to make love for the first time I was amazed how sexual she was. Sorry American women can’t compare! None that I have met. But this was a blessing and a curse for me. The way she moves and the look on her face and the sounds she made.

She went from Beautiful Catholic Angel to p***star. She told me I was amazing!! She loves the way I made love affectionately. She said most Brazilian men are bang bang hard and fast. Thanks for the visuals in my head!!!

After I returned home and had many questions in my mind I started to ask about past relationships. Not much of a problem. Then as a joke when I was in a bookstore I saw a karma sutra book and sent her a picture. Asked if she knew it and she said all Brazilians look at these things. At first I thought cool. I never did before but I am open to it. We can experiment together.

Then she showed me an app. I thought strange but ok. And I asked what she tried already. OMG she went through most of the book. Thus was a turn off for me. I told her I was not into it. She then started back pedaling, telling me she didn’t know but her boyfriends made her ect. I don’t believe it, but if I tell her I don’t believe her she starts crying telling me she is not a bad girl ect.

It was the start of my down fall. Asking about different places she had sex in like pool ocean stairs cars on and on. And frequency she said brazillian men want 20 times a day. She told me she hated this and sometimes would cry after sex but if she wanted to keep her boyfriend this what you do because in Brazil a man always has 2 more girls waiting.

In my mind the perfect Angel has fallen hard. After 2 years of visits and Skype on my last visit we started to make love, she stopped and said she has an idea and opened the karma sutra app again, this really made me go limp.

What she tells doesn’t always match her actions. I am really confused. And it is hard getting over the 6,2 Latino men (I am 5.7) she has been with. Many cultural differences.

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  1. Brian says:

    You lost me, friend. I mean, I assume I get what youre expressing. I recognize what you are saying, but you just appear to have overlooked that you can find some other men and women inside the world who see this issue for what it genuinely is and may perhaps not agree with you.

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