Your Boy/Girlfriend’s Sexual History CAN Be Beaten

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by Jeff Billings in Retroactive Jealousy Blog
August 6, 2016
girlfriend's sexual history

As you probably know, trying find any books about jealousy can be tough. It’s even tougher though to find a decent book on retroactive jealousy — being anxious, upset and angry about our boyfriend’s romantic past and girlfriend’s sexual history. 

But my course “Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy 101” does just that.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s contained in the course.

12 Proven Strategies To Help You Stop Being Jealous Of A Boy/Girlfriend’s Sexual History

Part One – What Is Retroactive Jealousy?

Module 1: Way Back In The Day

The first thing to understand when learning how to beat retroactive jealousy is that, technically, it’s NOT your fault.

This module reveals why you’re suffering from this anxiety from an evolutionary point of view.

Understanding this is a basic foundation to learning how to stop being jealous of a boy or girlfriend’s sexual history.

Module 2: Thoughts & Emotions

So, you’ve discovered information about your partner’s past which has now triggered a vicious circle of unwanted emotions.

This module explains the nature of your thoughts, and provides an equation explaining how emotions work within us.

Module 3: Know Your Enemy

Why are you jealous of a partner’s past? Why are you suffering from these negative thoughts and emotions? And why does it feel like it’ll never go away?

This module blows away ALL confusion surrounding these questions by revealing the PRIMARY EMOTION driving your irrational thoughts.

Simply knowing this instantly relieves much of the pain.

Module 4: And Know Yourself

Have you ever been in a conversation with your partner and found your mind wandering to thoughts like ““How could you find her attractive”?

Or “I can’t believe you slept with twenty-one guys”?

Well, the reason you’re looking down on the choices they made in the past is because of the SECOND MAJOR EMOTION involved in your retrospective jealousy, which I lay bare in this module.

Part Two – Rewiring The Mind

Module 5: It’s Not You, It’s Me

Many people discover similar details about their partner’s past relationships and/or boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s sexual history and yet don’t become overcome by jealous thoughts.

They may not like hearing about it, but they don’t obsess over it either.

So why aren’t YOU one of them?

This module show you how to become one of them by OBLITERATING the primary emotion described in module 3.

Module 6: Your Mind Is A Liar

This module basically blows out the water the second key emotion described in module 4.

It shows you exactly WHY this emotion is festering and HOW to get rid of it by rewiring the mind to quell the “danger” of your husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend’s sexual history and actions.

In effect, your mind is saying at the moment “They did it then, they can do it again!” but this module teaches you how to stop this monkey chatter once and for all.

Module 7: Their Life, Their Choice

Do you HATE the thought of your partner once enjoying casual sex?

Have you divided sex up into “normal” within a monogamous relationship, and “slutty” with random people and no strings attached?

Well, this module is specifically for you!

Learn how to do a complete ABOUT TURN in your outlook on “promiscuous” sex, and see this phase of your partner’s life in a completely fresh and positive light.

Essential reading for anyone looking how to stop being jealous of a partner’s past when it comes to casual sex.

Module 8: Everything Is Because It Was

If your partner hadn’t made the exact same choices they did in the past, would they have still met you?

The fact is, they have made a series of big and small decisions throughout their life that has led them to where they are today.

This isn’t a whole section on “the past has made them who they are” cliche, but a lesson in how to EMBRACE the fact your partner met the people they did.

AND had the experiences they did.


Let’s Get Practical – Hands On Exercises To Help You Overcome Retroactive Jealousy

Module 9: Wait. Stop. Don’t Go There

Do you find yourself trawling the internet for information; violating your partner’s personal space online and off; quizzing them about their past and generally dwelling more in the past than in the present?

These exercises show you how to STOP these actions which are fueling your jealous thoughts about your boy or girlfriend’s sexual history, and I reveal the #1 MIND HACK that stopped me doing them immediately.

Module 10: Put Out The Fire

When we get anxious and stressed about irrational things like his or her sexual past, you may be surprised to learn that our minds literally become “enflamed.”
(I know I was.)

Chemicals are released which increase heart rate, blood pressure and literally damage the brain without us even realizing it.

This module shows you how to CALM THE MIND and is one of the most useful exercises you can do to beat retroactive jealousy and stop being jealous of a partner’s past.

Module 11: Put On Their Shoes

This is an ESSENTIAL exercise which will force you to see things from your partner’s point of view and realize just how ridiculous the anxiety created in your mind really is.

I also talk about the phenomena of memory and how your partner may have “memories” of what happened in the past, but they don’t really exist as “things” that are somehow permanently lodged in their mind.

Module 12: Choose Happiness

I can safely say that the three exercises contained in this module were the ones that really helped me seal the deal in my overcoming retroactive jealousy.

I had been going through a back and forth period of getting over my girlfriend’s sexual history, and then taking a step back, but these exercises really killed off any lingering feelings of jealousy still knocking around in my head.


Fed Up Worrying About Irrational Thoughts About Your Boy Or Girlfriend’s Sexual History?

If you want to finally stop being jealous of a partner’s past, you can check out the course here.

And of course get in touch if you have any questions about it. I’d love to hear from you.


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