Finally, A Retroactive Jealousy Book That Actually Works

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April 1, 2017
Retroactive Jealousy Book

If you’re looking for a retroactive jealousy book to help you get over your partner’s past, look no further. In this post I want to introduce you to the book about retroactive jealousy that will set you on the path to recovery. This post may include affiliate links. 

It lays out all you need to do to beat the condition. But then it’s up to you to put in the work.

And overcoming retroactive jealousy does take work.

Having suffered from it myself, but also beaten it and written a book about how I did it, I speak from experience.

I will then introduce you to a few other books that helped me along the way to getting over retroactive jealousy.

There are many books out there that, while not maybe dealing with retroactive jealousy directly, should be read by any sufferer.

So, let’s get started by taking a look at the retroactive jealousy book I wrote having beaten the condition…

The Retroactive Jealousy Book That Actually Works


You’ve probably been looking for a book about retroactive jealousy for some time.

The problem is there’s hardly any decent information, retroactive jealousy books (or books about jealousy of any kind for that matter) out there.

When I finally figured out how to get over my girlfriend’s past, I decided to write down exactly how I did it so I could help the many sufferers out there like yourself.

All the people who’re stuck trawling the internet for books about jealousy and searching for some kind of solid, actionable information, but not getting very far.

The result was my retroactive jealousy book, The Ultimate Retroactive Jealousy Cure: How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Partner’s Past in 12 Steps.

However, if you’re looking for a retroactive jealousy book that will magically make your jealousy go away after reading it, give up the search because there isn’t one.

You won’t get very far with overcoming retroactive jealousy simply by reading a book and expecting all your worries, fears and judgments to evaporate into thin air.

As I said, getting over retrograde jealousy takes work. But if you’re willing to beat this thing once and for all, it can be done.

And this is what my retroactive jealousy book will show you how to do.

What’s Included In My Retroactive Jealousy Book?


Basically, there is no one magic reason why anybody suffers from a retroactive jealousy disorder.

You feel the way you do for a variety of evolutionary, societal and psychological reasons, but there are some specific things that you can do that will help ease the pain.

My book about retroactive jealousy is divided into twelve steps and three main parts.

Part 1: Understanding Retroactive Jealousy

Steps 1 to 4 deal with understanding the condition.

I break down retroactive jealousy as an experience into thoughts and emotions, and take a look at how the negative emotions associated with retroactive jealousy are generated.

Every bad emotion we experience can be broken down to a simple equation which explains why we have a negative reaction to some things rather than a positive one.

I also detail the role played by our evolutionary history in formulating our jealous feelings and explain why we’ve evolved as a species to be so suspicious of our partners and anyone who they might be attracted to.

Also why, generally, men and women are affected in different ways by retroactive jealousy OCD.

I also take a look at the ego and how it’s one of the primary causes for your jealous thoughts and emotions about your boy or girlfriend’s past.

The ego causes our minds to constantly throw up these repetitive images of our partner with someone else, and hence give us the impression we’ve become obsessed with the past.

Part 2: Rewiring the Mind

Steps 5 through 8 deal with rewiring your mind to think about your partner’s past in a different light.

I encourage you to take stock of your own self-confidence and trust issues to see if they’re playing a part in your retroactive jealousy, as well as giving advice on what you can do about them.

Rewiring the mind is also an important step when it comes to changing how you perceive your partner’s past.

At the moment, you probably view it in a negative light — like it’s something that shouldn’t have happened.

And maybe also as a period in time in which you think your partner didn’t behave as well as they could’ve done.

This is what these steps set out to change — your perception of your partner’s past from a negative to a positive light.

Part 3: Let’s Get Practical

The final four steps — 9 to 12 — detail the practical, hands-on exercises you can do each day in order to beat retroactive jealousy.

The first eight steps lay the foundation for this, but these last four involve the hard work required to get over retrospective jealousy for good.

I won’t go into too much detail here about the practical exercises as you’ll have to purchase my retroactive jealousy book in order to find out what they are, but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Who Shouldn’t Buy My Retroactive Jealousy Book?

  • Anyone who’s partner’s past is a deal breaker. If your values are diametrically opposed to your partner’s, maybe this is something you’ll never get past.
  • Anyone who thinks they can get over retroactive jealousy just by reading a book. Once. Overcoming retroactive jealousy takes work on the sufferers part.
  • Anyone who’s determined to beat it by themselves. It can be done I’m sure, but I tried it and it took me years to fully put my girlfriend’s sexual past behind me. This retroactive jealousy book, however, saves you the heartache of trying work everything out yourself.

Why Should Buy My Retroactive Jealousy Book?

  • First and foremost, anyone who’s sick and tired of being upset about who their partner’s former dating or sexual history.
  • Anyone who’s willing to make a commitment to beating retroactive jealousy and put in the work required.
  • Anyone who wants their relationship to go back to how it was before it was upended by retroactive jealousy.
  • Anyone who’s interested in bettering themselves psychologically in general, i.e. not necessarily just regarding retroactive jealousy.
  • Anyone who wants to save a ton of money on retroactive jealousy therapy with a professional therapist.

Praise For My Retroactive Jealousy Book

I receive emails all the time from readers telling me how much my book has helped them, and in many cases, saved their relationship.

“I am so thankful for this purchase. It not only saved my relationship, but it saved my time, and my eternal happiness. I can’t believe I can say that I know I am going to overcome this jealousy that has plagued my mind.” — Josh C. 

On this page you’ll find some more testimonials I’ve received over the years about the book.

Whatever you do, don’t waste a single penny on retroactive jealousy therapy. You don’t need it.

I lay out in my book exactly what you need to do to get over retroactive jealousy in 12 steps.

I’m not saying this because I need the money, but because I know it will help you.

It’s time to stop wasting time thinking about useless “mind fluff” from the past and start enjoying your relationship in the present.

I wrote this retroactive jealousy book just for people like you, suffering from an unhealthy obsession with your partner’s sexual and/or romantic history and frustrated with the lack of information out there.


Other Retroactive Jealousy Books You Should Read


While the following books may not deal with retroactive jealousy in any capacity, I did find them very useful when I was struggling with the condition myself.

Here’s the list of books you should definitely check out if you want to learn how to overcome jealousy of an ex.

We Are Our Brains — Dick Swaab

The sub-heading of this book is “From the Womb to Alzheimer’s” and it takes a deep look at how our behavior is shaped by our brains, from birth until death.

When I was looking specifically for a retroactive jealousy book to help me get over my girlfriend’s past, Swaab’s book was the next best thing.

Swaab is a Dutch physician and neurobiologist and so he pretty much knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the brain and how it influences how we act.

Buy it and find out how your jealousy of your partner’s past is a product of your brain, rather than anything that you “decided” to become upset about.

A New Earth — Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a hugely popular German-born Canadian spiritual author.

Aged twenty-nine, after years of depression and being close to suicide, Tolle underwent an “inner transformation” one night in 1977.

As Tolle recounts himself: “The next morning I woke up and everything was so peaceful. The peace was there because there was no self. Just a sense of presence or ‘beingness’, just observing and watching.”

While the skeptical among you may be raising an eyebrow right about now, I encourage you to buy this book and read it several times over.

No other book out there so brilliantly deconstructs the difference between living in the present moment and being trapped by the mind in the past or the future.

The Art of Non-Conformity — Chris Guillebeau

Guillebeau is a popular blogger who made a name for himself as “the guy who’s visited every country in the world”.

His book The Art of Non-Conformity is a great read if you feel stuck in a nine-to-five you don’t enjoy or generally want to do something different but don’t know how.

Part of the reason why we suffer from retroactive jealousy is often due to a lack of self-confidence and being driven by pursuits that we feel passionate about.

In other words, if you’re unemployed, bored at work, or generally feel like life’s passing you by, your brain is more likely to latch onto pointless “problems” like retroactive jealousy in order to keep itself occupied.

Guillebeau’s book, however, is the perfect antidote to this and may inspire you to rediscover your life’s purpose and also help kick your jealousy to the curb in the process.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff — Richard Carlson

Carlson, who died in 2006, was a psychotherapist and motivational speaker, and this is the book that took his career into overdrive.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff made book publishing history as it broke records in America and was translated into over thirty languages around the world.

It’s a quick read, but packed full of useful advice for anyone struggling to beat retroactive jealousy.

F**k It — John C. Parkin

Parkin and his wife decided one day to pack up and leave their jobs in England and head for Italy to set up a new business — a retreat for people stressed out with modern life.

Years worth of material has been culled from these sessions to form this book on how to sometimes just say “fuck it” to life’s problems.

And this is just the kind of attitude that helps immensely with retroactive jealousy.

This isn’t a non retroactive jealousy book that helps with retroactive jealousy for everyone, though.

If you’re irritated by a meandering “guy in a pub” writing style, this book will grate on the nerves.

If you can take this, though, (or skip over it) there are some seriously good nuggets of information buried in here beneath the waffle.

If you’d like to recommend a non retroactive jealousy book that helped you with the condition, post it in the comments section below.

Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy Sucks, But You’re Not Alone

If any of this sounds familiar, then I hope you find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. I for one am here to help.

  • dealing with retroactive jealousy is not as hard as it appears right now
  • you CAN stop thinking about the past
  • you WILL stop thinking about the past
  • The problem is, finding a retroactive jealousy cure is notoriously difficult on your own.

But here’s some other ways you can start getting over a girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s past, starting right now.

I Have More Than Just A Retroactive Jealousy Book…


One-on-one Retroactive Jealousy Coaching

If you’d prefer a more personalized approach I’m here to talk.

We can chat either by email or Skype and I’ll guide you through how to get over retroactive jealousy for good.

My course: “Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy 101

This breaks down getting over retroactive jealousy ocd into twelve downloadable video modules.

It’s packed full of practical exercises not found in the book and also contains free one-on-one personal coaching.


You CAN Learn How To Beat Retroactive Jealousy (And Here’s The Proof)

Here’s a link to my testimonials page in which you can read customers reviews, like this one from Annabelle:

“Hi Jeff,

After 10+ years of suffering with what I just discovered was reactive jealousy, I just finished reading your book. Wow! It was just what I was searching for…”

People like Annabelle were where I was three years ago and where you’re at right now.

But through either my retroactive jealousy book, course and personal coaching, they’ve worked out how to beat this thing with my help.

Do You Really Want To Go On Like This?

I’m thinking no, you don’t.

So why not make today the first day of your victory in getting over retroactive jealousy?

I’d be happy to chat with you if you want to discuss how best to stop thinking about the past.

Drop me a line any time.

My jealousy over my girlfriend’s sexual past used to be pretty bad.

But now I don’t think about it all.

And she’s so happy I took the steps required to get over it.

If I can benefit from this retroactive jealousy cure, so can you.

Talk soon.



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