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I am so thankful for this purchase. It not only saved my relationship, but it saved my time, and my eternal happiness. I can't believe I can say that I know I am going to overcome this jealousy that has plagued my mind.

Josh C.
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Step by step Jeff can help you beat it [retroactive jealousy], feel alive again, stay in the present moment, and stop the "movies". It will bring the real you back.

Raul G.
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This book changed the way I not only view the past, but myself, and my partner for the better. Highly recommend.

Denise P.
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Jeff, I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. I was honestly worried if it would help or not, but the exercises and content really helped my perspective and this is just Day 1.

Kate H.
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It's helped me start to put back together to pieces of my broken psyche and find relief from the retroactive jealousy that's plagued me for so long.

Carlos S.
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It was really nice to hear someone who knew my problem to the Tee... I will try my best to be consistent with the daily routines and finally put this thing that has ran my love life for my whole adult life behind me.

Peter C.
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You made it very simple but logical and it somehow lifted this horrible burden that I was only doing to myself. Thank you. You are a good man!

Max D.
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THANK YOU! This is better than I expected as well. Thank you very much!

Sandra A.
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